Some things for you to consider as you’re filling out your wedding plans

When the Make-Up Artist arrives, make sure they set up with lots of room nearest the biggest and nicest window in the room you’re getting ready in. This is the most flattering light for photographs.

It would be great if you could get your dress out of its bag and cut off any labels so that it is ready to put on. Hang it up somewhere proudly in the room either near a window or wardrobe. I often photograph details first when I arrive so please have any you would like photographed out ready.


Essentially you have 3 options when it comes to taking the couple portraits. 30 minutes is a great amount of time to capture you both having a fun and relaxed time together.

1) Some couples put their couple portraits after the ceremony (straight after the group photographs) as this is a great time to capture the time when the adrenaline has kicked in and they are both excited about the vows they have made.

2) Other couples schedule them 30 minutes before the sun sets to get that wonderful warm glowing light (or cool blue light, depending on the evening). This is the best light to shoot in and gives the photographs a more relaxed and atmospheric quality.

3) Some couples do both! Instead of doing 30 minutes all in one go, they split the time 50/50 and have photographs taken after the ceremony for 15 minutes and in the evening light for 15 minutes.