Rich, a writer and Beth a stylist and photographer, got married at the ICA earlier this year

– It was one heck of a day.

You can check out Beths website here, she is a genius.



My plane on fire my castle inundated by
Rhine wine
my ghetto of black iris my crystal ear
my rock rolling down the cliff to crush the sheriff
my opal snail my air mosquito
my eiderdown of birds of paradise my hair of black foam
my tomb burst asunder my rain of red grasshoppers
my flying island my turquoise grape
my collision of crazy and cautious cars my wild flower bed
my dandelion pistil shot in my eye
my tulip onion in the brain
my gazelle wandered into a cinema on the boulevard
my casket of sunlight my volcano fruit
my laugh of hidden pond in which
absent-minded prophets are going to drown
my inundation of cassis my morel butterfly
my blue waterfall like a deep wave that makes the spring
my coral revolver with a mouth that attracts
me like the eye of a well
frozen like a mirror in which you contemplate the flight
of the hummingbirds of your glance
lost in an exhibition of white framed by
I love you

– Benjamin Peret