East London wedding


Intimate wedding at a restaurant in London

“Originally, we hadn’t planned to hire a photographer as we wanted to spend the day in the moment and keep it as a quite a relaxed, low key event. But as we get closer to the date, we have realised that we would love to capture the moment and have something to remember the day by. Having seen your portfolio on your website, I fell in love with your eye and photographic style, and would be so excited if you could be our photographer on the day.”

“I’m having so much fun looking through all the photos – pretty much every spare moment I have another scroll though. I’m guessing you were BRILLIANT – I plan to use you for all my marriages’ doesn’t hit the right note?

We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. In addition to being ridiculously talented, you is also one of the loveliest people you will meet. Your warm and relaxed nature put everyone at ease and allowed us to feel very comfortable in front of the camera. You captured the moments perfectly and we feel very lucky to have had you photograph our wedding day.”

- Kate & Rupert, one month before the wedding

- Kate & Rupert, one month after the wedding